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Founded in 1998 today the company SV ALTERA is taking the leading place in the electrical engineering and automation of technological processes in Ukraine.

The aim of the company is to solve the client's request in the modernization and automation of the industry and management, resource saving, improvement of equipment's productivity as much effective as possible.

The main directions of our activity are:

  1. Low/middle voltage installation
  2. Low-voltage installation and switchgear
  3. Controlling and measuring apparatus, sensors
  4. Industrial electric drives
  5. Industrial controllers and automation systems
  6. Systems for visualization of technological processes

We are trying to solve the client's request in power supply and industry automation which finally leads to the improvements of equipment's productivity and quality of the production of our customers. Our production can be used for the distribution of electric power from distribution station (transforming station) and main switchboards to the end-user, for the protection of network system, compensation of reactive power. So special solutions are possible for metallurgical, chemical, F&B and other industries. Using our products we can control extrusion machine, thermoplastic automatic machines, furnaces, climatic cameras, systems of heating, water supply and ventilation, refrigeration engineering, compressors, pumps, stop valve and different food, packing, woodworking, oil-chemical equipment and etc.

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Our strategy is:

  1. To create a long-term mutually beneficial partnership with all our customers. SV ALTERA provides free of change support for all customers. Highly qualified engineers will help to combine the necessary equipments in accordance with customer's technical problems and well guarantee operative technical support.
  2. To know the customer better. As the result there are 17 branch offices in industrial centers of Ukraine.
  3. To process and delivery the orders as fast as possible. The company has the storehouse with more than 10.000 items of nomenclature.
  4. To be socially responsible. SV ALTERA supplied with demo-stands some Universities in Ukraine. Thanks to them the students have the possibility to get advanced knowledge.

The intellectual potential, experience, flexible technical and economic policy guarantee SV ALTERA to be the leader in the electrical engineering and automation of technological processes in Ukraine.

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